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5 tips on how to survive a long flight layover

Monday - October 16, 2017

The AIRPORT… this 20th century commodity construct, places of true emotion, places that have seen more genuine tears than hospitals, churches and wedding halls combined… airports have a certain magic attached to themselves, as a lot of people can really feel a certain kind of energy while in airports. Especially when being alone with their thoughts, and especially during a long layover. I mean, no one likes waiting, right? Studying abroad will involve a lot of that, so it’s better to be prepared next time you travel. Here we’ve put together a list of tips on how to survive a long flight layover, so let’s get started!

5 tips on how to survive a long flight layoverPlease don’t stop the music!

Want to kill time? Music really helps with regards to that. A phone, a pair of headphones and a good playlist is what you need. Sometimes, an old iPod will do the trick as well. As science suggests, music relaxes the individual by keeping their mind busy and focused on multiple things, all at once – melody, lyrics, beat, etc. It thus works wonders in the case of long flight layovers, as the listener doesn’t think ‘Oh my God, time is flying soo sloow’, making them not check their watch every 5 minutes.

5 tips on how to survive a long flight layoverMight as well just ZZZ…

This one is for the non-paranoid ones out there! You really need to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings to be able to fall asleep in an airport, but once you’re through with that, you’re all set! The hours will fly like moments. For a perfect airport sleep, ideally you should have a sleeping bag, however, a travelling (neck) pillow will just do fine! If you can’t use any of those travelling ‘hacks’, your bag will be your best ally in such situations ?.

5 tips on how to survive long flight layoversAlways bring a(n) (e)book

Reading is an amazing way to survive a long layover in an airport. While reading, time is not at all killed, on the contrary – it is actually invested in one’s own personal development of knowledge. A book should not occupy too much space in your bag; especially if it’s in electronic format. E-book readers are the newest trend for those environmentally-aware who want cutting trees for paper to stop. I believe this is the way forward ?

5 tips on how to survive a long flight layoverHit the nearest cafeteria

Can’t sleep? Maybe you want the opposite effect – to stay up for as long as possible. There is but one option for you, my friend – have a strong coffee in the nearest airport café! As a coffee connoisseur, for an all-nighter, I definitely recommend you the Turkish coffee if you really want to stay up and function at the same time. Small and strong, it’s couple times stronger than an Espresso and believe me – it will work like magic ?. P.S.: some airports don’t provide free Wi-Fi for the travellers, however if you’re having a coffee within their premises, all cafés do that.


5 tips on how to survive a long flight layoverBecause why not, right? We are all humans at the end of the day. Blatantly, more like social animals; but we need human interaction in our lives. Usually, travellers are open-minded humans who will always appreciate a good conversation with another human being. Plus time will fly like crazy when you’re engaged in a quality discussion. So go ahead and don’t be shy!

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Studying abroad is a fun experience, but as for any great thing, there are downsides as well. Such as long hours in the airport. But before getting there, why don’t you take a look at our upcoming online open days and decide on your next study abroad destination?