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Are you thinking of doing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Hong Kong? Or maybe considering of investing on an MBA programme?

Here are some advice you need to take with you…

Study in Kong Kong

#1. It’s not just skyscrapers!

There’s a lot more to Hong Kong than its famous cityscape: 70% of the total area of Hong Kong is covered by national parks! Climb a mountain, cycle around the coast and find a sandy beach for a dip or maybe try your luck fishing. It’s true that around the city there are so many opportunities you can enjoy if you like the active outdoors lifestyle!

#2. Public Transport

Use it! The public transport system in Hong Kong is very modern and works perfectly. With its 87 stations, the MRT railway connects all areas of Hong Kong fast and easily. An Octopus card will help you to use all the public transport in the city without having to deal with cash. Just top up your card and you’ll be good to go!

Study in Hong Kong

#3. Foodies’ paradise

Hong Kong is certainly a dream destination for all of you that enjoy eating well. The Cantonese cuisine with its mouthwatering dim sums, noodles, and soups will keep you happy any time. From T’ang Courts gold plated dining rooms to the smallest street kitchens on shady back alleys selling dim sums, in Hong Kong you can find anything you wish in every corner. Just wander around to discover all the new smells and flavors…

#4. Living costs

You may think that living in a city like Hong Kong will be very expensive, but while Hong Kong has all the top-end restaurants and luxury hotels a millionaire can wish for, it is very possible to live in the city with a normal student budget as well. Public transport, local meals, SIM-cards and all kinds of events are generally affordable, and in many places you will also get a discount by just showing your local student id. With regards to accommodation, a cozy room in a university residence will cost you roughly EUR 600 to EUR 2.000 per semester based on the location and the amenities. So, with a bit of planning, you can definitely keep your living costs below of what you would be spending by studying in the most Western countries.

#5. Learn Chinese!

While English is an official language in Hong Kong, there are affordable language courses and language learning groups for both Mandarin and Cantonese available to attend outside university as well. Of course, it´s good to remember that the best way to learn any language is to use it – so don’t hesitate to talk with the locals in their own language and make good friends for life!

Getting excited? For more information, visit Asia Exchange, the organisers of affordable student exchange programs for international students in Asian countries!

Do you belong to the creative ones? Then you should definitely think of doing your Masters at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University! To offer you the opportunity to get to know its highly ranked programmes in design, the PolyU Design presents two Online Open Days and you are warmly invited!

  • 30 November: Study in Hong KOng Master in International Design and Business Management (MDes) by the enthusiastic team of Benny Leong, the Specialism Leader in International Design and Business Management, the Programme Leader, Dr Jörn Bühring, and the Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ho.
  • 13 December: Master in Interaction Design (MDes) by the Specialism Leader in Interaction Design, Dr. Kenny Chow and the Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ho.


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