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Face the real world – 5 survival steps on how to be prepared after university

Tuesday - March 6, 2018

So you’ve just finished university… you’ve got your diploma, wore the graduation cap and attended the emotional ceremony. All sweet and flowers, right? But then the BIG question arises: NOW WHAT? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Been there, done that. That is why we are here to help our fellow in need! In case you needed some guidance, we’ve thus prepared a list of 5 survival steps on how to be prepared after university. Let’s begin!

5 survival steps on how to be prepared after universityTake some time off

You’ve finished university, CONGRATULATIONS! It means you’re one step ahead 93% of the population. Which calls for something called giving yourself some credit! You need a break from all that university stress, so take some time off to disconnect and think things through thoroughly. DON’T make any rushed decisions in the first 3 months after graduation, just reserve them for reflection and self-thought ?

5 survival steps on how to be prepared after universityTravel a little bit

IT’S OK to be undecided what to do next with your life ?! We know just the solution that will surely do the trick. Travelling is definitely key whenever it comes to making important decisions in life. An as old as the time quote from the famous Roman philosopher goes ‘Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind’.  In other words, travelling opens the mind and soul, being a great catalyst that helps us towards making the right life decision at the right time.

Volunteering is always the answer!

5 survival steps on how to be prepared after universityOh yeah. Not only will your help benefit the community and implicitly the society, but through volunteering you will be able to meet extraordinary people. Do we really need to state why that is important? For you to draw inspiration from and achieve great things in and after this confusing state of your life. When in doubt, volunteering is the answer ?

5 survival steps on how to be prepared after universityWhy not both?

Exactly – why not both? On websites such as you’ve got the opportunity travel to different places around the world (such as farms or shelters) and to offer your services as a volunteer there! Pretty cool, right? This kind of endeavours promotes the obsolescence of the monetary system (since you’ll be exchanging work for food and shelter instead of money) and the return to the origins; so if this fits your profile, it’s definitely a good place to start in order to get some life vision.

Look for a job

5 survival steps on how to be prepared after universityLooking for a job should be the last step before facing the real world. There is a high probability that your first job will not be the dream job of your lifetime, so don’t panic nor despair. It’s just one of the many that are to come your way ?. Meanwhile, as you’re still young – enjoy your no-responsibility time on this planet, because things are going to change pretty soon!

Online Open Days

We hope this blog gives you a better perspective on what to do after you graduate! I purposely didn’t include any section like ‘Further study’, because I have left the best part for the end – check out our upcoming online open days to find your next study abroad adventure!