5 Reasons why to study International Human Resources Management at Sorbonne University in Paris

Tuesday - November 12, 2013


Are you ready to take the next step in your career and obtain a Master´s Degree in International Human Resources Management?

We invite you to be inspired to study at CIFFOP, Sorbonne University, in Paris. CIFFOP is a HRM institution part of the prestigious Sorbonne University which is one of the leading universities in the world.

We would like to share 5 reasons why to study International Human Resources Management at CIFFOP with you:

1.Paid internship. At the same time you obtain your Master´s Degree you will get the opportunity to gain experience in a leading international company. Besides the fact that the internship is very valuable for the future it is also paid which stands apart from other alternation programs.

 2.Employment after graduation. CIFFOP graduates are attractive on the Human Resources Management market. For example 91% of the class from 2011 was employed within 3 months, despite the economic crises. One of the reasons why the students easily get a job offer after graduation is most certainly because of the industry experience.

3. The institution is very well known and is regularly ranked as the best place to get a Master´s degree in Human Resource Management

4.Language. CIFFOP is based in Paris in France which gives you the opportunity to improve your french. French is one of the most important languages to know in the business world. It is estimated that the ability to speak French could come with a wage increase of about 2.7%.

5.Paris. The last reason but maybe the most important reason is to experience the wonderful city Paris!. Imagine to wake up every morning in the world´s most beautiful city, isn’t that every person’s dream?