Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The energy of the city and the positive atmosphere help you to socialize and there are always many activities to do. Here you have the 5 main reason why Barcelona is your best choice to study abroad!

  1. Sunny weather

Even during winter time you can see the sun shining on top of your head and lifting your mood up.

It makes you spend more time outside and enjoy the city. Average degree winter time is around 9 degree so you don’t need to pack and bring your big jumpers or heavy Scandinavian clothes.

2. Beaches

Barcelona has a 5km long beach in the city center. And there are many others, in nearby towns (Costa Brava, for example) where you can enjoy more private bathing during the summer time.

You can easy access to these beaches to play beach volley, chill, enjoy with friends. Also there is a lot of concerts, festival such a sonar, primavera.

3. Low living cost

When you compare Barcelona with the other favorite destinations in Europe, Barcelona has cheap living cost, unlimited monthly transportation tickets etc.

You can eat and enjoy outside without spending a lot of money.

4. Nightlife & Restaurants

As the effect of the beautiful weather and mix of international atmosphere you will find a lot of outdoor parties. The city doesn’t sleep and there is always something to do everyday.

There are big night clubs on the beach like around “port Olimpic” and you can find a lot of small local bars around gothic and born areas.

Also, you can find “tapas place” in each corner of the city. Lots of cafes and restaurants and different cuisine everywhere will give you a lot of food option that you can taste.

5. Accomodation

Barcelona is an everchanging city with full of opportunities to live in. As a student, you can easily find a residence.

Or, for a more realistic experience, you might want to share flat in a centric area or find cheaper housing in the outskirts, taking advantage of the aforementioned public transport.

Whatever you prefer,

Barcelona is here for you. Visit our Online Open Days and find programs in Barcelona. Study Abroad for the time of your life.