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5 Reasons to study an MBA in the Netherlands at TIO University

Monday - April 12, 2021

Are you looking for an MBA and considering to study in the Netherlands? This blog post has been designed for you!

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TIO University is well known as one of the best universities in the Netherlands in terms of business surroundings, offering high qualified study programs and way of teaching.

Let’s start with a short introduction…


TIO University of Applied Sciences is a private organization, founded by the business community in the nineteen sixties. Besides, It has establishments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Hengelo, and is oriented in offering business-linked education. Above all, their mission is pretty clear: offering personal and intensive professional education that students and businesses rate as excellent. In other words, TIO aims to form quality students, providing them with a valuable way of teaching and updated know-know. Behind the scenes, TIO’s management team daily works to improve the overall quality of the school, trying to find the best solutions for its students.

Now it’s time to figure out the benefits of studying at TIO University of Applied Science and why students choose to study their MBA here.

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According to students, TIO is covering several golden points that make them want to apply there.

Small scale & personal

Tio’s education is very personal. As a proof, this past academic year, the average class consisted of just 11 students. Because of the small classes, you will have extensive personal contact with your lecturers and your fellow students. As far as I’m concerned, this represents a huge opportunity for you in terms of learning, creating a network as well as building up friendly and professional relationships.  


TIO stimulates its students to excel by means of e.g. an honours programme, management positions during projects and participation in external competitions. That quality reflects TIO’s high ranking position in the Netherlands.


TIO can respond quickly to demands from the industry and to students’ wishes. Moreover, it opens the doors for your future working career, increasing the chance to find a qualified and valuable job.

Motivated students

Studying at TIO is a conscious choice. Above all, being part of the project means working hard to reach personal and professional objectives.

Accelerated studying

It’s important to underline you can earn an MBA degree in just 1 years, even right after your Bachelor! That’s a huge opportunity since it allows you to upgrade yourselves and already next year improve your career or find a better job!


TIO University focuses on different focus areas in their MBA:

It aims to provide students with both theoretical and practical way of learning. Lecturers use their experience in the industry to create links between the theoretical knowledge you acquire and its practical applications.

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Study in the Netherlands at TIO means being surrounded by an international atmosphere. In fact, the university hosts international students periodically. This can be translated as a good chance for you to meet new people, open your mindset and learn more from different cultures. Moreover, you will likely study with people from all around the world, allowing you to create strong and relevant networking relationships, useful for your personal and professional career.


The Assessment panel of the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation) has found the quality care system of Tio to be well constructed. Consequently, a quality mindset is an integrated part of the organization, in part derived from the motivation to offer value for money.

Their Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management has been was awarded the title of Best Business Degree in the Netherlands for the fifth consecutive year (Higher Education Guide).


Last but not least, TIO is located in the Netherlands, country in constant expansion. For this reason, if you are willing to Study Abroad, it represents a good place where to study abroad, in terms of both personal and working experience. Moreover, The Netherlands is the perfect place to start your international career, since it is the trading centre of the World.

Moreover, study in the Netherlands means developing your own spirit of commerce, open-mindedness towards people from different countries, international ambitions and innovative ways of thinking. Above all, there are so many job opportunities that enable you to enhance your working career. Finally, don’t forget that public transports are super-efficient. And the country has a special focus on sustainability and green ecology. So, the ideal place for international education!

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