5 Films you need to Watch before Studying Abroad

Thursday - January 28, 2021

Now that we are all spending more time indoors (due to being locked down or limited in moving around..), we at Webinars4you thought to bring you some uplifting/ inspirational movies to watch. Whether you’re about to set off on your study abroad journey or you’ve just started researching, check out these 5 films to get you feeling inspired!


Call Me by Your Name

A coming of age film about Elio; a 17-year old boy who spends the summer lazing around his family villa in northern Italy. Each year, Elio’s father (an Archaeology professor) invites an intern to assist with his work over the summer months. On this particular occasion, the family is joined by Oliver, an American scholar who becomes an intriguing and charming addition to the family. Set in 1983 against the backdrop of the hazy Italian countryside, the film beautifully captures the blossoming romance between Elio and Oliver. Their relationship is heightened by themes of literature, culture, art, history and Italian architecture, making this the perfect introduction to living and studying in Italy.

The Darjeeling Limited

A story of 3 long-lost brothers traveling by train across the stunning landscapes of India in hope of bonding and learning about themselves. Directed by Wes Anderson, this endearing comedy focuses on exploring new places, cultures, and traditions, which are relatable themes for any international student. As the majority of the film is set on a train, prepare to feel as though you are personally following their journey, providing a strong sense of wanderlust and adventure.

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Eat Pray Love

Originally a book and based on a true story, Eat Pray Love is an uplifting account of Liz Gilberts’ journey of self-discovery. In search of answers, Liz sacrifices her husband and her job in New York to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Selling 7 million copies worldwide, her story has captured the hearts of many. Providing reassurance for anyone thinking of moving away from home, this film has satisfying shots of Italian architecture, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. A comforting and immersive watch to get you feeling inspired to study abroad!

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A heart-warming tale about a group of seven retired strangers, united by their experience of living in a run-down hotel in India. Sacrificing their home comforts in England, some members of the group struggle to adjust to their new exotic environment. A reassuring film for anyone who might experience culture shock on their time abroad. However, they soon learn to embrace their new life. From tasting Indian cuisine to traveling in overcrowded transport, the group begins to re-discover their passion for life. This film is sure to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, promising to make you laugh, cry and feel inspired to pursue your own ambitions.

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Into the Wild

Set in the 1990’s, Into the Wild follows the journey of Christopher McCandless who at 22-years old, rejects the pressures of modern society in favor of exploring his freedom. Christopher gives up a life of privilege by donating his trust fund to a charity, turning his back on all expectations. In search of adventure, he goes backpacking by himself across the desolate region of Alaska. Although his story may be a little extreme, the film covers relatable topics for anyone living somewhere new, such as independence, loneliness, friendship, family, love, and loss. Inspired by a true story, Into the Wild is a powerful and moving example of challenging the norm and following your heart.

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This post was a guest-post by Lizzie Horrocks, Content Executive at Hotcourses abroad – partner of Webinars4you