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5 Essential Tips to Travel on a Student Budget

Thursday - July 19, 2018

“To travel is to live.” (Hans Christian Andersen) The world is big and you want to see as much as possible. The problem is, you are a student and can’t afford travelling. It’s not a cheap hobby but with the following tips, you can enjoy your journey on a low budget. 

1.VIP Card  

The International Student Identity Card is an international student card that gives you some benefits. The offer includes everything from free entrances to museums all over the globe to discounts on accommodation. You will have over 150.000 discounts in 130 countries. A card costs only 12 euros and is available on the internet.

2. Accommodation 2.0   

If you want to travel cheap, you will need to do it without a 5 star hotel. But don’t worry, there are cheaper alternatives. Instead of booking a hotel, try hostels; they are inexpensive and the possibilty of meeting new people is more likely since mainly young people stay in hostels. The standard of a hostel varies, depending on the price and location. At Hostelworld for example, you will find a wide selction of choices. If you are not a big fan of hostels, you can always try Airbnb. People provide a room in their apartment or house at reasonable prices. If you want to spend even less, consider Couchsurfing. Private people offer a place to sleep – for free! Sometimes it might be only a couch but the host might even spend time with you and help you feel comfortable in the new city.

3. Hit the Road, Jack

Say no to a fancy airplane and travel on the road. Driving for hours is not always the easiest way to travel, but it’s worth it. You will find cheap bus tickets to travel around Europe online at Flixbus. If you are more into train rides, then check out good deals online.

4. Be spontanous Best 5 five tips to travel on a student budget

Last Minute deals are a good option if you are flexible. As a student, you have the chance to be more flexible than as an employee. So take advantage of your situation while you can, and find the cheapest trips during the off season. Websites like Secretflying or Sta Travel have great deals for when you’re on a budget. Save a lot of money while keeping an adventurous spirit!

5. Book at the airport

Are you crazy enough to book at the airport and take off straight away? Lots of airlines offer last minute flights if the plane is not sold out. And if you do not mind surprises, you can book a cheap flight without knowing where you are going. Blind booking is an offer from Eurowings. You will know where to fly as soon as you’ve booked your flight ticket!

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A little holiday never killed nobody ! With these 5 tips, you can travel to have a good time and recover from your busy student life. And if you want to discover a city by being more than just a tourist, you should studying abroad. To get more information, have a look at our upcoming Online Open Days! These interactive sessions will give you all the details about the universities and get you a step closer to finding your dream programme to study abroad.
So don’t be shy and explore!

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