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Life without a smartphone is hard to imagine for most of us. And why should we? With a smartphone we can do almost everything. Nowadays, apps let us do much more than just play games: they make studying easier. Here are the best 5 best apps for you to use while being a student.

The 5 best Apps – start downloading here!

Math Alarm Clock – Wake up! The best 5 Apps you need as a student

Getting up in the morning is not always easy. Especially if the night before was wildly celebrated. But there is a solution for sleepyheads: The Math Alarm Clock App! In order to turn off the alarm, a mathematical task has to be solved. And the alarm does not stop until the problem has been solved correctly. But do not worry, these are simple math problems. Download here for Android and IPhone.

istudiez – Daily Schedule

The life of a student can be hard. So many lectures and tasks to do. With so many things on your mind, you could be lost and you might not know which seminar you have to go to next. With the istudiez app, you know where to be and what to do. You will always have the overview of your events at your fingertips. Download here for Android and IPhone.

Any.Do The best 5 Apps you need as a student

Homework at the first seminar, exam in the other lecture, essay for an exercise. As a student, time management has to be optimal. And since this can be difficult, the app Any.Do offers a digital to-do list. With this app, you know what has to be done next, and organizing your student life will be easy. Download here for Android and IPhone.

Freedom – Reduce Distractions and FocusMe

Learning for hours without a break is not very effective. But learning for only few minutes and getting distracted is also not very efficient. The SelfControl apps block certain applications, such as Facebook or Whatsapp, for a period of time to avoid distraction. Sometimes all you need is for certain distractions to be turned off for a certain amount of time, and you see your productivity skyrocket! Download FocusMe here for Android and Freedom – Reduce Distractions for IPhone.

Fudget The best 5 Apps you need as a student

Students not only have to learn but also to survive. Paying rent, buying groceries and sometimes wanting to treat yourself.  With the Fudget app, you can manage your finances and keep an overview at hand in order to efficiently plan your budget. Stop spending the last days of the month desperately searching for coins behind the sofa to afford your ramen noodles, and plan ahead! Download here for Android and IPhone.

Online Open Day

All apps are free for iPhone and Android. With these apps, you will facilitate your student life. So let’s treat yourself with studying abroad. If you want to have a nice adventure and need more information, then you should have a look at our upcoming Online Open Days. These interactive sessions will give you all the details about the universities and get you a step closer to finding your dream programme to study abroad. Dont wait, sign up today!