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4 reasons why to study your Master in Business in Hungary!

Thursday - November 10, 2022
  1. Location – located in the heart of Europe, it is easy to discover all major European touristic hubs. Wether you are in Budapest or elsewhere (such as our featured city of Pécs). 
  2. Affordability – the Universities in Hungary have pretty much all reasonable tuition & accommodation fees; living costs in Hungary in general are considered low by European standards! (and that is nice in these costly times!)
The University of Pecs provdes all the benefits you are looking for in a study abroad

3. Vibrant student life – for example in not-so-known city of Pecs you can join 5,000 international students in a true University town with many bars, restaurants and lots of daytime & nighttime activities.

4. Safe – All cities in Hungary are friendly, multicultural and welcoming students from abroad – why wait to discover it yourself?!

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