Studying abroad can be the best experience of your life. But it is also important to stay safe:check out our 3 study abroad safety tips in order to fully enjoy your stay, stay sharp and focused through your course and trust your new colleagues.

Chose location, not price

You might find yourself browsing through the internet checking for the price and appearance of student residences and shared apartments. But the key aspect is often overlooked: the location of the residence will determine how you commute, the amount of resources you can reach, and the type of neighbours you will have. Make sure to check updated sources and make a wise decision. You might end up spending extra money, but a short commute and a peaceful neighbourhood are priceless.

Map 3 safety tips when study abroad route safe

Know the language

You will find that English can come in handy when no other language is shared, but knowing some short phrases in the local language will both help you communicate better and make you come across as someone friendly when in the need for help. Of course, your cell phone is a great tool when communicating, but you will find situations where you do not want to flash your phone, or you cannot wait until your internet is operational. So our next tip is to keep a cheat sheet in your pocket, or carry one of those micro-dictionaries with common phrases between your native and the local language. It will serve as an aid for your interlocutor as well.

Check your clothing

Finally, you might have to buy new clothes to adapt to the country´s climate and season. It is a great occasion to change your wardrobe, but be advised! To stay safe and portable, you should carry the minimum and try to buy clothes in your destination, after you have seen what other students and locals wear. This will also help you blend in. Stay cool: do not look like a tourist!

Travel clothes wardrobe 3 tips for studying abroad safely

These are our 3 study abroad safety tips, but we´re sure you will have more. Do not hesitate in sharing them in the comments below. Enjoy your studies fully, and safely. It can be the most exciting and inspiring chapter of your life. Check the best destinations to study abroad here.