3 High-Growth Career Options to Pursue in 2023 and Beyond

Wednesday - November 29, 2023

Since 2022, the job market has become more competitive than ever. On one hand, we’ve been hearing sad cases of mass layoffs as companies prepare themselves for the upcoming recession. On the other, certain industries are speedily growing, opening up plenty of employment opportunities.

For students and young job aspirants, the future can seem quite uncertain as they try to decipher the current hiring trends. The World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report revealed that employers are expecting a churn rate of 23% in the next five years.

While this information may seem to add fuel to the fire of uncertainty, the report also disclosed three key areas that will drive the fastest-growing job roles – technology, sustainability, and digitalization. Based on that, we have compiled a list of four high-growth career options that are only expected to flourish beyond 2023.

Renewable Energy

Did you know that the renewable energy job market hit a whopping 12.7 million in 2022? As the world is looking for ways to combat climate change and build a greener future, no other career field beats renewable energy in terms of job security and lucrative wages.

Among the renewable energy sectors, solar energy is the fastest growing, generating 4.3 million jobs in 2021. In other words, over one-third of the world’s labor force employed in the renewable energy field worked in the solar energy sector.

This field offers a vast scope in the form of diverse work experiences, challenging scenarios, opportunities to learn advanced technologies, etc. The top career roles in the renewable energy sector include –

  • Environmental technician – responsible for collecting samples and gathering data for scientific research purposes.
  • Solar installer – who installs solar panels on residential/commercial roofs.
  • Air quality engineer – responsible for analyzing an environment’s air quality. They will suggest ways to improve the quality or help maintain optimal standards.
  • Energy manager – who helps an organization reduce its energy usage.
  • Sustainability engineer – who helps create systems that adhere to specific sustainability specifications.

Applied Statistics

For those who love to play with numbers, a career in applied statistics will be a bright and profitable one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in this field are expected to grow by 30% by 2032.

To put things into perspective, a career in statistics is growing faster than the average of other occupations. As per Michigan Technological University, this career field allows students to familiarize themselves with real-world problem-solving, technology and programming, and leadership involved in applying advanced statistical methods.

To get the most out of this high-growth career field, it is best to pursue a master’s in applied statistics online or offline. Aspirants then become eligible to work in a variety of settings like IT companies, banking and financial institutions, market research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and universities or educational bodies.

Some of the top job positions in applied statistics include –

  • Business intelligence manager – who is in charge of handling business data analysts and developers.
  • Data scientist – who collects large volumes of data from different sources to make it accessible to businesses.
  • Credit analyst – collects and reviews financial data on earnings, loan applications, savings, payment patterns, and more.
  • Statistical programmer – develops and maintains statistical programs with the help of languages like Python, R, and SAS.
  • Financial planner – who manages their client’s financial affairs and recommends strategies to achieve financial goals.

Digital Marketing

Besides being a well-paid career choice, digital marketing is a highly in-demand field. There is currently a rising need for digital marketing professionals with the right set of hard and soft skills. Also, the scope of entrepreneurship is growing in this sector.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not take over a vast number of jobs in this career field in the upcoming years. The primary reason is this field’s demands, which include creativity, originality, and inventiveness (three things AI is incapable of).

Since digital marketing is directed at people and their emotions, technology cannot replace the human element. Hence, this growing field also offers a high degree of job security. However, as AI supports digital marketers, their roles may evolve.

Let’s look at the top job roles in this sector –

  • Social media manager – works towards increasing social media following through social campaigns, analytics reviewing, stakeholder communication, etc.
  • SEO specialist – identifies strategies and tactics to increase website visitors and improve search result rankings.
  • Content strategist – plans, develops and publishes relevant content that helps meet business objectives and user requirements.
  • Graphic designer – uses advanced computing software to create visuals that captivate and inspire customers.
  • Marketing research analyst – is responsible for gathering and analyzing data on competitors and customers. 

As we draw to a close, it’s important to remember that the job market has become more competitive than ever. Despite a wide talent pool, aspirants must become more strategic in their job search.

This is especially true in light of the expected inflation. Amidst sad reports of rampant layoffs, the above-mentioned three career options should stand the test of a slowly tightening market.

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