We’ve said a bunch of times, Study Abroad is one of the best experience you can do in your life. I know, it’s not an easy choice to take for you and your parents. Moreover, there are many things to take into consideration, and the fear of leaving your comfort zone might be quite heavy.

Here in this blog post, I’ll give you 10 reasons why you should decide to Study Abroad.

Okay, let’s start!

1. Discover the world

I decided to start with this reason because I personally think that study abroad gives you a huge opportunity to discover the world. Our planet is full of opportunities, amazing spots as well as people. By studying abroad, you’ll have the chance to travel and fill up your soul with fascinating worldwide experiences whatever destination you choose.

Keep in mind: world is huge! You’ll find out something new that will help you in several aspects. Above all, you know how is it cool to tell your family ad friends all experiences you’ve done during your period abroad? I strongly think this represents such a great feeling and sensation.

travel abroad

2. Learn & improve your language skills

When you decide to go studying abroad, you also need to consider that it represents a way to learn and improve your language skills. Over the previous blog posts I’ve written, I’ve always underlined the fact an English knowledge is always required. So, if you are willing to study abroad, make sure to have an acceptable level of English. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an English expert! However, it’s better to have skills that enable you to establish a basic connection with people around you.

Now the good thing comes! I’ve personally experienced that it’s quite easy to improve your language skills. Why? Because starting for day one you’ll start speaking a language different than your native one. And because of this, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to improve your skills after 3 or 4 months living abroad.

As you are an expert in the English language, why don’t you start learning a new language? This is a huge opportunity you won’t probably have in your country anymore. I give you an example.

If you’re studying abroad in Spain, try to start learning Spanish by meeting new locals. However, you can also decide to take some Spanish classes in order to have a language base. Mixing theoretical and practical ways, you will easily learn a new Idioma super useful for your personal and professional career. 

3. Embrace diversity

The third reason I’ve decided to mention is based on the chance to embrace diversity. In my opinion, this is a golden reason that should push you to study abroad.

In fact, when you are in another country you’ll be surrounded by people from worldwide countries. And that’s amazing! By doing this, you’ll hug the diversity and will learn thousands of new cultures. This will help you to evaluate past, present as well as future situations and facts.

Finally, it doesn’t’ matter where you go; you have the opportunity to embrace diversity in every single place.

4. Meet new people

When you go studying abroad, it’s crazy the number of new people you’ll meet. Moreover, it’s quite easy to meet and make new friends. Why? Because most of them are in the same situation as you. For this reason, after a couple of days of adjustment, you’ll build new relationships. I’ve personally experienced there is no day where you cannot find new people. So, don’t worry; you won’t be alone!

5. Build network connections

Super related to the reason above, meet new people means building up network connections. In fact, when you meet someone, you basically create a strong personal and professional network. And network connections enable you to be constantly in contact with people from all around the world, sharing then ideas, memories and opinions. And who knows! Those network connections might be “useful” for you in the future. I explain better myself by giving you an example.

You’re 40 years old and about to start a 3 weeks trip to South America. When you were studying abroad you met friends from that area. This gives you the opportunity to call them and plan a throwback reunion. You’ll meet friends again as well as getting useful tips for your trip. Such a great thing no?

6. Support your professional career

When you go studying abroad, it means study a Master/Bachelor or eventually do an Erasmus. For this reason, you’ll be able to firstly improve your know-how and secondly your CV. Nowadays, companies are way more willing to consider people with experience abroad. Above all, wherever you decide to work, the experience abroad will give you a huge gap in terms of finding a job, in comparison with people who decided not to do it.

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7. Find the study program that fits your need the best

In many cases, study abroad means also find the study program you weren’t able to find in your country. Here you have my witness: one of the reasons that pushed me to study abroad was actually the fact I found the right master for me out of my country.

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8. Open to new challenges

Study abroad gives you also the chance to open yourself to new challenges. No matter how long you will live out of your country. This experience will push you to find new challenges and to leave your comfort zone behind.

Just experiencing life abroad, you’ll figure out how it will improve your mindset in facing new horizons.

9. Discover yourself

Moreover, the student’s life abroad has nothing to compare to the one that you could have in your country. You live alone, in a new context with new people and surroundings. All this enables you to discover yourself, your soul and feelings. I honestly think you’re able to fully discover yourself only by having an experience abroad, far from home and ordinary boundaries.

10. Personal experience

Finally, I’d underline that as (and if!!) you decide to come back home, you will be so full of personal, interpersonal and professional experiences that will surely help you in your future life. You’ll instantly see benefits in relation with your friends, family, colleagues as well as with yourself.

Concluding, now that I’ve given you the 10 reasons to study abroad, I hope I’ll sell you the right motivation to consider the chance to go abroad.

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