Сhiropractic: Our lifestyle, our health, our future

Thursday - March 16, 2017
We are now mature enough to accept that differentiating physical, mental and emotional health was a mistake. We have realised that change is here and we know it because we need it. This is Chiropractic about: Our need to be in harmony with our body, our environment, our food and our laughter.

Somebody to save us is what we really need?

CHiropracticPathogenesis, the genesis of the disease, is what preoccupies us and the traditional medicine system, too. We consider ourselves for healthy that got sick and need a pill or two to get “back to normal” again. This is the role of the main responsibility of medicine: To save us from the disease, to throw us a life saver when we are drowning.

But is it really what health is about?

Paradigm change

A serious question: Why within a focus group of women that had survived Nazi concentration camps during the second world war, 29% of them were in a positive health state in comparison with the rest of them?

Aaron Antonovsky, the Israeli professor of Medical Sociology, searched for the answer in the seventies and his research brought him to the concept of Salutogenesis, the creation of the health, a concept that focuses on our sense of coherence and our ability to manage stress flowing on the”health-ease versus dis-ease” continuum.


A similar question had Dr. Boyce Kinnison, founder of the chiropractic center Pura Vida and co-founder of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic: Why he was never getting sick as a child growing up in Texas while his classmates and friends were getting ill every now and then?

What are people doing differently and what makes them more vulnerable or more resistent towards disease? Why some persons can better adapt to their environment while some others struggle? How can Chiropractic contribute towards the “creation” of our health?

To find out more about that topic and get prepared for the Online Open Day with Barcelona College of Chiropractic that is coming up on the 30th of March, we visited Dr. Boyce Kinnison and got some valuable insights:

Online Open Day

For all those interested in studying Chiropractic in the amazing Barcelona, Barcelona College of Chiropractic offers a unique opportunity: An interactive 1 hour Online Open Day to find out more about this rewarding career, the double degree opportunity, the program structure, the student life in Barcelona and so much more! Join the BBC Principal, Dr. Adrian Wenban, and Dr. Pablo Martínez, and let your future begin today.

Study Chiropractic

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