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Università Cattolica’s MSc Management in Milan: Economic Capital of Italy!

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September 2020


The Management program offered by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ensures advanced training in the key areas of management and business globally.

This exclusive Online Open Day focuses on the reasons that make Milan is the economic capital of Italy, the ideal location to study MSc Management and how Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s Faculty of Economics has exploited its privileged position in the area to build solid connections with leading businesses of all scope, size and geographical outreach.

With the precious intervention of a leading industry professional of multinational Comau and the MSc Program Director, graduates wanting to study Management abroad have an unique opportunity to understand what are the unique characteristics of Università Cattolica’s degree, the services and the scholarships reserved to international students by Università Cattolica, and what knowledge and competencies future professionals require.

This Online Open Day is targeted to students with a business background, seeking to exploit the program’s and the university’s features to launch a high-flying, global managerial career.

Requirements: a relevant bachelor degree and B2 level of English.

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Online Open Day Duration: 30 mins

Tuition Fee

€8500 (€5750 with scholarship) EUR / year

Tuition Fee

€3,600-€8,900EUR / year

You Will Learn

  • Reasons to choose Milan as a city, and Cattolica as a university, to specialize in Management
  • How Università Cattolica’s Faculty of Economics has developed the program in response to the current and future global needs in the sector
  • What a keynote speaker from a leading company in the industry advises students to pursue in terms of study and research
  • Entry requirements, application procedures, costs and scholarships.
  • Admission process and scholarship opportunities

Admission Deadline

1st Feb/ 15th March / 15th April 2020


  • Aishah Pathak

    International Recruitment Senior Officer
  • Stefano Baraldi

    MSc Management Course Director
  • Ezio Fregnan

    COMAU Academy Director & HR Training Manager

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