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Duration: 1-hour

Study Business Tourism at Haaga-Helia and develop the competences for a professional career in international tourism business.

The students are able to choose between two alternative specializations:

  • Sales and Service Development in Business Tourism
  • Events Management.

Students can apply their skills in the dynamic tourism sector (airlines, travel agencies, events, hotels), and have specific know-how of their specialization, applicable in any global company. Graduates can produce, sell or buy travel services, work in the events industry, or start up a new business.

By delivering an SAT score with a minimum of 500 points in Evidence-based reading and writing and 400 points in Math, you will be admitted to study in this program.

You Will Learn

  • Job prospects in the field of Business studies
  • First hand student experiences
  • Programme structure
  • Fee structure and scholarships
  • SAT Application process and immigration


  • Harri Hälvä

    Customer Relationship Manager
  • Monika Birkle

    Academic Advisor
  • Darren Trofimczuk

    Senior Lecturer
  • Maire Moisto

  • Terhi Raudaskoski


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