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Get your Master’s in the field of Complex Systems Engineering for Environmental or Biomedical issues at Ecole Centrale Marseille, a french state “Grande Ecole” of engineering.

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Program Starts
September, 2019


Duration: 1 hour

The Ecole Centrale Marseille is one of the best french state higher education institution specialized in engineering. Being awarded by the Ecole Centrale means to expand the scope of your career by master high level scientific as well as management skills.

The two Master’s programme tracks offer an in depth learning of two complex systems whom are related to environmental and biomedical engineering. Skills will be acquired through multidisciplinary scientific and technical training complemented by a managerial component, so that students learn to manage projects and teams. The Master’s is designed in the tradition of the training offered by Ecoles Centrales, placing the student at the heart of the process, directly involved in multiple professionalizing activities.

The intended audience for this online open day are students with min. a bachelors in sciences (physics, mech., civil eng., applied maths. or physics, ..) and an English proficiency level of  B2.

You Will Learn

  • What/who is Ecole Centrale Marseille, an international higher education institution specialized in the training of high level engineers.
  • What is the complex systems Engineering and how is this related to Environmental engineering and Biomedical engineering
  • What means studying soft skills for an engineer.
  • What are the main theoretical and practical topics addressed by the programme.
  • During the webinar you may expect a guidance in the requirements for the application procedure

Admission Deadline

June 15, 2019


  • Olivier Boiron

    Prof – Head of the MSc&T programme Unesco Unitwin 651 Chairholder
  • Fabien Anselmet

    Prof – head of the Environmental eng. Track
  • Gaelle Georges

    Prof – head of the BME track

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