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Learn the management model of FC Barcelona, one of the best football clubs in the world

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Duration:1 hour

The Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona is the only program in football business and administration based on the management model of FC Barcelona, recognized worldwide, as well as the on great experience of the Johan Cruyff Institute in sport management education.

The main objective of the Master is to educate with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and insights from the football industry. Students analyze the core theories and relevant case studies that will help them visualize the behavior of the football business. Students also have the opportunity to learn, interact and contribute with FC Barcelona business strategy and operations.

Johan Cruyff Institute recruited the most recognized football business academics around the globe in order provide students with the most cutting-edge knowledge of the football business. During the program, students also receive lectures from top level executives in the industry as well as courses with FC Barcelona staff.

Classes are delivered at Camp Nou and Johan Cruyff Institute, among other locations.

You Will Learn

  • What does the program consist of and what professional opportunities do you have?
  • What role does FC Barcelona play in the program?
  • Format and duration of the program
  • Profile of the students and testimony of one of their current students
  • Cost and pre-enrollment process


  • Oliver Seitz

    Academic Director
  • Ozana Marginean

    Program Advisor
  • Lukas Dorda

    Former Student

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