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Italian National PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics: A great Opportunity!

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October 1, 2023


Micro- and nano-electronics is considered an essential technology, as it enables the development and growth of our society. It is explicitly mentioned in the most relevant strategic planning documents of Italy, Europe and USA. Today, any technological development, in any sector, from telecommunications to biomedical, from mobility and transportation to energy, requires dedicated micro- and nano-electronic circuits, which must be specifically developed and manufactured on large scale. The problem at an international level, identified with the term “chip shortage”, which has clearly emerged in recent years, demonstrates how the world economy is increasingly bound to the availability of integrated devices, circuits and systems. To ensure the development of micro- and nano-electronic technologies, the huge economic investments on infrastructures, guaranteed worldwide by the recently launched “Chips Acts”, must also be accompanied by advanced training programs and initiatives.


The Italian National PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics has, indeed, the objective of training researchers and professionals capable of responding to the challenges that the technological development and the aforementioned initiatives at international level are rising, in order to capitalize on the investments in the sector in the next decades. Considering the huge demand worldwide for qualified integrated device and circuit designers, good job opportunities for PhDs in Micro- and Nano-Electronics are guaranteed!


The intended attendees for this online open day are students that have completed or will complete before October 31 2023 a master in technical sciences, have competences in integrated devices and/or circuits, and have an English proficiency at least at B2 level.

Tuition Fee

156EUR / year

Tuition Fee

156EUR / year

You Will Learn

–         What is the PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics
–         Challenges and opportunities in the field of Micro- and Nano-Electronics
–         Conditions and requirements for candidates to the PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics
–         Overview of the Call for Applications for the PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics
–         What to expect during the PhD Program in Micro- and Nano-Electronics and after graduation

Admission Requirements

- Possession of a second-level degree - A good knowledge of the English language - Competence in the field of integrated devices and/or circuits More details in the call for applications (art. 2) and in Annex 1 to the call.

Admission Deadline

July 28, 2023 at 12:00

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