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IED Master programs in Venice, Florence and Rome to enter the Art World (wihtout being an artist): Arts Management, Curatorial Practice, Business for Arts and Culture

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Jan / Feb 2020


Duration: 1 hour


 The Master course in Curatorial Practice at IED Venezia deals with the exhibition design direction and management, merging the critic-related aspects with the more practical ones, with a hands-on approach useful to enter the cultural idustry with the necessary set of skills.

The Master course in Business for Arts and Culture at IED Venezia provides participants with a strong theoretical and practical background in relation to culture and creativity, combined to a managerial-based vision, both useful to launch one’s own cultural project or to manage cultural projects in the most various institutions.

The Master course in Arts Management is truly unique due to its itinerant formula. The study plan is held two prestigious locations, Florence and Rome, with one week workshop in Venice, in collaboration with Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Students have the chance to join a grand tour of contemporary art and education, with a focus on the jobs of the future.


Study in Italy ( in Venice, Florence and Rome) and learn how to work in arts and culture.

If you are looking to start working in arts and culture and want to find out how to get a job for cultural institutions, museums or if you want to open a gallery, contribute to a festival or manage a cultural project, let’s discover IED Art Master coruses. The three Art Cities : Venice, Florence and Rfome will provide a perfect backdrop combining classic and contemporary culture.


You Will Learn

  • IED Art project, why IED (a design school) is dealing with Art-related professions?
  • The importance of the specialized professional figures such as: Manager, Curator, Entrepeneur, etc…, in the ecosystem of the Contemporary Art and Culture World
  • The importance of specific education for those who wish to enter the Contemporary Art world and the added value of studying in IED
  • Programs details:  Arts Management, Business for Arts and Culture , Curatorial Practice
  • Admission Procedures


  • Jacopo Manganiello

    IED International Marketing Manager
  • Claudio Cravero

    IED Art Project manager
  • Eloisa D’Angelo

    Curator in Chief at The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture
  • Saudi Arabia – Course Coordinator and Lecturer at IED Venice Master in Curatorial Practice
  • IED Master Admission Advisor

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