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Get your Master’s in the field of conflict, migration, tourism and culture from the best state university in the Netherlands

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Duration: 1 hour

In this webinar you will learn all about the experience of pursuing your Master’s in Human Geography at a top, research university in the student city in the Netherlands – Nijmegen.

We explain everything concerning this one-year degree and the specialisations:

  • Conflicts, Territories and Identities
  • Cultural Geography and Tourism
  • Economic Geography
  • Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance
  • Globalisation, Migration and Development
  • Urban and Cultural Geography

They will also cover important topics such as student life in the Netherlands as an international student, financial matters, admission procedures, and more. You will receive responses to all your questions in real-time via chat.

This webinar is intended for students who have completed a Bachelor degree at a research university, with a background in research methodology, and with a proficiency in English.

You Will Learn

  • Content of the programme Human Geography, from conflicts to tourism, EU and culture to migration.
  • Admission requirements for the programme.
  • Financial matters, from the tuition fees to costs of living and scholarships.
  • Real student life experience, from the dormitories to libraries, and from the pubs to the beach and student trips.
  • Internships options and career prospects and success of our alumni.

Admission Deadline

Application deadline: 1 April (non-EU), 1 May (EU), 1 March for the Orange Tulip Scholarship


  • Maria Kinast

    Recruitment and Admission Advisor
  • Student

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