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The Theory of Change: Drafting the Strategy for a Sustainable Business with EADA Business School Barcelona

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September 2024


The Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation is a truly unique, holistically driven program offering a different business paradigm for today’s young professionals. Our unique methodology ensures that you will develop the critical and design thinking skills to analyse, perform and inspire in an ever increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment. However, we go one step further. While hard skills may be enough to get your foot in the door, the soft skills obtained in communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership are what will lift you in developing a world-class career in a company, organization, or even your own business.

The Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation is targeted towards students from diverse backgrounds, both cultural and academic, who aim to develop their career and skills in helping businesses and organizations to solve urgent and emerging environmental, economic, societal, and welfare global challenges.
Sustainability is one of the main axes of EADA Business School, forming part of its values, research, training and dissemination activities that are created and promoted by the institution. Because the economic, social and environmental challenges of today show the need to redefine the current social and productive model, in addition to financial profit.

In 2017, we created our first programme in sustainable business – the Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation – a first of its kind in Spain and Europe. Since then, further research from our academic team of experts has enabled us to launch more sustainability-focused programmes in full time or online formats.

At EADA, Sustainability goes beyond a Master programme, it is a core pillar of our institution.

This webinar conference is designed for sustainability enthusiasts and focuses on the theory of change as a framework for developing effective strategies to transition towards sustainability in business practices. Attendees will explore the fundamental principles of the theory of change and how it can be applied to drive meaningful transformation within their organizations.This conference aims to empower attendees, including candidates interested in pursuing a master’s program in sustainability management, with the knowledge and tools needed to drive positive change and foster sustainability within their organizations.

Tuition Fee

17.500 (online)/ 27.000 (Full-time) EUR / year

Tuition Fee

17.500 (online)/ 27.000 (Full-time) EUR / full

You Will Learn

  • Understanding the theory of change and its relevance to sustainability in business.
  • Identifying key drivers and barriers to sustainability within organizations.
  • Exploring strategies for stakeholder engagement and collaboration in the sustainability journey.
  • Leveraging metrics and indicators to track progress and measure impact.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's degree. Experience depends on the programmes (full time 0-3, online: min. 4 years) EADA’s admission test is oriented to problem solving and critical thinking and provides an accurate prediction of candidates’ performance in EADA’s programmes. Candidates can waive this requirement if they have: TOEFL IBT >100 and a GMAT >650 or CFA Level I, II or III.

Admission Deadline

July 1st


  • Federica Massa Saluzzo, PhD

    Programme Director of the Master in Sustainability
  • Zanetta/ Mar

    EADA Admissions
  • Marleen Swart

    Alumni/ Head of Sustainability at Quadpack
17.500 (online)/ 27.000 (Full-time) EUR / year

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