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Become emotionally & intelligent IT Entrepreneur with ‘Learn by doing’ approach ❘ Online Open Day

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01 / 09 / 2020


Discover the International Bachelor’s Degree in Start-Up Management

International Bachelor’s Degree in Start-Up Management gives unique education opportunity to become an entrepreneur and launch your own business already in the first study year!

Students will have an opportunity to apply non-traditional knowledge acquisition through team self-study, in combination with discussion panels and hands-on activities to stimulate interest and motivation for in-depth learning in a practical way within the company.

Why Start-Up Management?
  • Create your company and start having monthly income during the studies.
  • Learn by doing’ approach will help you to put your knowledge in practice right away in mentor supervisory.
  • Develop your competencies with an individual mentor and 1:1 sessions.
  • Emotional Intelligence – focus on your personal growth, empathy, self-confidence and self-motivation, leadership and communication skills.
  • A real startup environment and mindset in every step of studies.
  • Guest lecturers from innovative companies and startups.

Latvia is a safe and international student-friendly environment, where we offer a personal approach to every student, excellent campus and low living costs a cultured European country with high living standards.

Online Open Day duration: 1 Hour

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You Will Learn

  • Why Start-Up Management?
  • Programme content & study process
  • Accreditation & candidate criteria
  • Student’s life & accommodation in Ventspils
  • Questions & Answers

Admission Deadline

15/ 07/ 2020


  • Guntis Coders

    Program Director
  • Igors Uhans

  • Edmunds Zalitis

  • Niks Vunderlihs


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