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Become a cybersecurity expert with a Master’s degree from Linköping University

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August 2023


Cybersecurity is now a top priority for critical infrastructure providers, healthcare providers and political leaders alike. You have a chance to become an expert in the field and help protect the future society. Listen to this webinar and learn about the unique opportunities to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills through a master’s degree at Linköping University. You will also learn about the excellent and interesting job opportunities that will come with this degree.

Linköping University performs internationally renowned research in several domains of cybersecurity and our security courses are of excellent quality. The curriculum contains both technically deep courses such as software security and cryptography but also high-level courses that relate to organizational and human aspects of cybersecurity. There are many opportunities for hands-on experience through labs, project courses and a course in ethical hacking. Finally, Linköping is known for a vibrant student life and welcoming atmosphere for international students.

The intended audience for this webinar are students with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and English proficiency.


Tuition Fee

252,000SEK / full

Tuition Fee

free SEK / full

You Will Learn

–        Programme structure
–        Internships and career opportunities
–        Admissions requirements and application
–        Student life

Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent subject area, 22 ECTS of mathematics and proficiency in English. For a full description, see

Admission Deadline

16 January 2023


  • Mikael Asplund

    Associate professor

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